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March 6-8, 2020
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Zephyr illustration

Zephyr's Tale

Ka-thump! Ka-thump! Ka-thump!

Zephyr opened one eye. Ka-thump! Ka-thump! Ka-thump!

She opened the other eye, then sat bolt upright, realizing that the insistent pounding was not in her head or part of a dream.It was, instead, small dragon paws, seemingly trying to break down her door.

"Wing lesson day!" She thought.

"Inebrious, wake up!" Zephyr rolled off her couch and shook the good friar's chubby knee as he sprawled snoring in the big soft armchair.

"Wha- what?" He snorted himself awake.

"What is that racket?" The friar said through a yawn and a stretch.

"The young dragons! It's Wing Lesson tine and we overslept! Blast you and your new Brew!" She cried as she pulled a brush through her sleep tangled hair.

Inebrious chuckled as he picked up the now half empty bottle stoppered with a cork. "Medicinal, my friend - purly medicinal."