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March 6-8, 2020
Sugarloaf Craft Festival
Edison, NJ


Not long ago, while on a very early morning run, I noticed the gleam of two black eyes behind Wild Primrose blossoms in the shadow of the Escher Castle Keep ruins. After several successive a.m. jogs & unsuccessful attempts to converse with this bashful creature, my efforts have been rewarded with a charming new friend.

His name is Brother Bunratty the Hedgehog & has traveled to Dragon Folk with his Da from Ireland, from whence they hail. Though his father distills Potcheen for an illegal livelihood, Brother Bunratty is a very young student of Philosophy & is usually toting about books on the subject. His current favorite is "Utopia" by Thomas More & tends to quote him often.

While this Artist is busy in Studio, he can be found under the Apple Tree, reading to my dog, Vinny!

More design options shall be available soon, but feel free to request your own!
(Click the image to see a side view!)

Price: $95.00 + Shipping
Height: Approx. 7"