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March 6-8, 2020
Sugarloaf Craft Festival
Edison, NJ


Wine Fairies - Merlot, Cabernet, Chablis, and Champagne are certainly a fun loving tribe. Lounging on piles of grapes , these silly sots celebrate (everything!) by communing with the "spirits" provided by Mother Nature and our own Friar Inebrious. A whimsical way toward a romantic candle lit evening with your sweetie!

Now "Mead" & "Absinthe" have joined the party & where the girlz can be found havin' fun, can the boyz be far behind? Toasting to health, happiness & beauty, "Moonshine" & "Whiskey Lad" add their song too!

Price: $168.00 each
*New pics!

Have a favorite Imbibable or color combination? Email ( your Request to me for a Custom Toasting Companion! (The Name Plaque of your choice is included, Dearlings!)

Chablis Fairy
Chablis (front)
Chablis Fairy
Chablis (back)

Pinot Noir (front)

Pinot Noir (back)
Cabernet airy
Champagne Fairy
Merlot Fairy



Whiskey Lad
Mead Fairy