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"He is my North, my South, my East, my West
He is my everyday & my Sunday best."

Rockin' Out in the Earth Clay Studio! Rockin' Out in the Earth Clay Studio!

Herbert Lawerance Diehl
5/26/56 - 11/5/03

Herb was born with The gift of laughter and the sense that the world is mad! A successful experience with Corporate Life led him to the realization that he lacked the ability to adapt to Corporate Absurdity which necessitated a solo bicycle trip from Boston to San Francisco, then through England, Ireland, and Wales.

An ancient history enthusiast, Herb visited the Moravian Tile Works and Museum in Doylestown PA where he became fascinated with ceramic tile making techniques of the 1890's. Having already had some experience with the business of art and possessing the true soul of an artist, Herb began to experiment.

Throughout his life, music has always been a powerful force. An accomplished musician and lyricist with a record, "Fast times at the Faire" to his credit, Herb is a favorite performer in local establishments in his hometown of Johnstown PA.

Ancient history, music, imagination, and a truly unique view of life combined to produce a vision. In 1998, along with marriage to Carrie Rutherford and the blending of their two sculpture studios came the realization of that vision. Flood City Garden Bowls and Nature Masks are the result of high artistic standards, boundless imagination and Herb Diehl's irrepressible and irreverent sense of humor.

You are in my Heart, Missed & Loved - Always!